SAMSS Staffing works with your organization to understand the needs of your business.

We ensure we are effectively matching educated, trained and experienced professionals to align with the needs of the organization.

· We recruit, screen, interview, and assign all employees to perform the required duties in the job description provided by the business.

· We have a talent pool of over 50 professionals who are highly trained and experienced in community shelter environments.

· We work with organizations to ensure assigned employees undergo orientation/training within all of the designated sites and are familiar with the procedures and policies of each site.

· SAMSS Staffing provides coverage on an as needed basis for positions of the organizations choosing and ensures a 100% satisfaction rate for service provided.

· SAMSS works with organizations full cycle to close the loop on communication, training, and performance.

Staffing Environments

S.A.M.S.S. typically staffs community shelters, residential treatment facilities, residential group homes, assessment homes, transitional homes, open custody facilities and halfway houses.

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